Eddy Kenzo Clarifies Allegations Made by MC Kats Regarding Fille Collaboration

Eddy Kenzo has addressed accusations made by MC Kats regarding his alleged refusal to collaborate with Fille.

Over the weekend, MC Kats expressed his frustration over Kenzo’s apparent reluctance to work with Fille on a music project.


According to MC Kats, when he approached Kenzo about the collaboration, he was directed to speak to Kenzo’s manager, Beta, who supposedly handles such matters.

Expressing his disappointment and feeling of being unappreciated, MC Kats took to social media.

However, Kenzo has now responded to these claims, stating that Fille has been under UNMF for over a year, and they have been taking good care of her.

Kenzo further explained that Fille has been unwell and bedridden for nearly two months, and the federation has been doing everything possible to support her recovery.

He expressed confusion as to why MC Kats would make such claims, considering the efforts made by UNMF to ensure Fille’s well-being.


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