KITALO!! Ugandan maid Kyomuhendo Monica dies in Saudi Arabia 3 weeks to return home

Kyomuhendo Monica, a former student at Makindye SS, traveled to Saudi Arabia to work as a maid under the employment of Smasco company.

However, her journey took a tragic turn when she was assigned to work for a boss in Riyadh who denied her protective gear while handling strong chemicals like chlorine during cleaning, causing severe health issues.


Despite being returned to Alhasa accommodation for basic treatment, she did not receive the necessary medical care. With only three weeks left on her contract, Kyomuhendo passed away four days ago.

Reports suggest that Smasco company has been attempting to suppress news of her death. Like many other Ugandans seeking to improve their families’ lives, Kyomuhendo ventured into this opportunity with hopes of lifting her family out of poverty.

Sadly, her story reflects the risks faced by African migrant workers, with the government of Uganda striving to enact laws to prevent such incidents, yet the challenges persist, leaving Ugandans vulnerable to torture and death abroad.


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