What A Shame! King Oyo, Queen Mother Best Kemigisa Snub Princess Elizabeth Bagaya’s Legacy Celebrations

Yesterday evening, St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe was filled with hundreds of guests who gathered for a thanksgiving service, celebrating the remarkable life and legacy of Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth Akiiki Bagaaya of Tooro Kingdom.

Among the attendees were Tooro Royals, family, friends, and Her Royal Highness Sylvia Nagginda Luswata, the Nnaabagereka of Buganda Kingdom, who graced the occasion as the guest of honor.


Notable royals from Buganda Kingdom, including Prince Kassim Nakibinge and Princess Agnes Nabaloga, also joined the celebration.

Following the service, guests proceeded to Serena Hotel Kampala for a banquet dinner, marking this momentous occasion with joy and gratitude. The event was dedicated to celebrating Princess Bagaaya’s birthday and her extraordinary contributions as a pioneer, icon, and legend in Tooro Kingdom and Ugandan history.

According to Tooro Kingdom, Princess Bagaaya’s life and legacy are characterized by qualities such as intelligence, curiosity, humility, integrity, diligence, diplomacy, philanthropy, hard work, and a deep commitment to serving her country and community.

However, the absence of the reigning Tooro Kingdom King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV and Queen Best Kemigisa from the event raised eyebrows and sparked whispers among the guests.

Their absence, without even a representative to convey a message, deepened the mystery, leaving Princess Bagaaya and her guests pondering the significance of their absence and its impact on Tooro Kingdom leadership.

Princess Bagaaya played a pivotal role in Tooro Kingdom leadership, especially after she was selected as one of the guardians of her young nephew, now King Oyo Rukidi IV, when he was crowned at the age of three in 1995, following the untimely death of his father, King Olimi Kaboyo.

During the event, the presence of Her Royal Highness Sylvia Nagginda, the Nnaabagereka of Buganda, and other royal officials added a regal aura, symbolizing the unity and solidarity between the two kingdoms and their longstanding relationship.

Several high-profile guests commended Princess Bagaaya for her legacy and her role in promoting Uganda’s traditional heritage internationally.

President Museveni, in a message delivered by Peace Mutuuzo, the Women legislator for Bunyangabu District and Minister of State for Gender and Culture, described Princess Bagaaya as a living witness to Uganda’s colonial and post-independence history.

President Museveni praised her determination, discipline, and her efforts in challenging traditional injustices and prejudices against women. He hailed her as an icon of women empowerment and emancipation, highlighting her historical contributions to Uganda’s liberation struggle.

Another heartfelt message came from Princess Mabel Komuntale, Princess Bagaaya’s only surviving sister, who has been residing in the UK for over 25 years.

In her message, delivered by Mr. Andrew Irumba Katusabe, Princess Komuntale expressed gratitude to President Museveni, the First Lady, Janet Museveni, and the Nabagereka of Buganda Kingdom for their unwavering support and friendship towards her sister.

Princess Elizabeth Bagaaya Akiiki, often referred to as Africa’s princess and Uganda’s most prominent woman, has led an extraordinary life:

– Born in 1936 to King George Rukidi III and his favorite wife, Lady Kezia.
– She was the third African woman to be admitted to the University of Cambridge, graduating with a law degree in 1962.

– In 1965, she became the first female lawyer in Uganda.
– Princess Bagaaya was installed as Batebe, an advisor to her brother, King Patrick Mathew Kaboyo Olimi III.
– She played a crucial role as one of the guardians of her young nephew, King Oyo Rukidi IV, after his father’s death in 1995.
– In 1981, she married Aviation engineer and co-pilot Prince Wilberforce Nyabongo, who tragically died in a plane crash in 1986.
– Princess Bagaaya had a successful international career as a model, becoming the first black woman to appear on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.
– She served as Uganda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs under Idi Amin and was later appointed as Uganda’s ambassador to the United States, Germany, and the Vatican.

– She has been a presidential advisor on culture to President Yoweri Museveni.
– Princess Bagaaya is deeply involved in charity work in Tooro Kingdom and is a key figure in the kingdom’s reconstruction activities through The Batebe of Toro Foundation.


Princess Elizabeth Bagaaya Akiiki continues to inspire generations, leaving an indelible mark on Uganda’s history and traditional heritage.


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