“No Male Artiste Has Attempted To Sleep With Me” Sensation TikTok Winnie Wa Mummy

Winnie Wa Mummy, one of the most trending and viral TikTokers, expressed her gratitude, stating that she feels fortunate in the entertainment industry. She disclosed that, despite her rising fame, no male musician has ever attempted to proposition her.

Winnie gained popularity by taking on challenges for songs by various musicians on TikTok, allowing her to interact with different artists.


She has even ventured into music herself, under the management of singer Mudra. Mudra, proud of the respect shown to Winnie, stated that no male musician has made any advances towards her.

In an industry where upcoming female musicians are often taken advantage of, Winnie considers herself lucky to have avoided such experiences so far. “I’ve been lucky; there’s no male musician that has ever asked to sleep with me despite doing challenges for their songs on TikTok,” she stated.

When asked about her relationship status, Winnie simply replied, “I have men.”

Mudra, who was present in the studio with her, described their relationship as sibling-like, emphasizing that he would never make advances towards her. It seems that Winnie has replaced Ava Peace, who joined TNS, with the Balo Balo singer.

While Mudra had previously been romantically linked to Ava Peace, both have consistently denied the allegations, maintaining that they are just friends.

Mudra, known for his song “Kengere,” expressed his preference for managing female musicians over men. According to him, female musicians are easier to manage, with the only challenge being their attire and makeup. He contrasted this with male musicians, who he described as more difficult to handle.

“Girls are easy to govern; you all saw how @VianMusicoffic2 ran to the media over a small issue. That’s how hard male musicians are. The only hard thing about female musicians is makeup and dressing,” Mudra commented.


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