Parents Be Careful, Check Out The Cause Of This Cute Twins Death That Might Make You Cry

In times like these, everyone should be extraordinarily careful and vigilant, especially around those close to you. Many things are happening that require careful attention.

Ivan de Ikes recently shared on Facebook and other social networks the tragic loss of his twins. The reactions to his post have been pouring in, reflecting the deep sadness of a moment no parent should ever have to face.


He recounted the story of losing his two precious twins, posting their pictures every minute of the day. It is a devastating experience for any parent to lose their children to death.

Here is the full story of how he lost his twins:

Ivan and his wife went to visit a family member, leaving their twins in the care of the nanny they had hired to look after them. Upon returning, they found their two beautiful twins dead. It was a heart-wrenching moment, and they demanded answers from the nanny.

After extensive questioning and intense interrogation, the nanny explained that she had been with the children just a few minutes before. Feeling unwell, she went to the toilet, leaving the twins happily watching movies in the sitting room.

When she returned, however, they were nowhere to be found. She searched and found their lifeless bodies in the swimming pool, having drowned.

Further investigation, including CCTV footage, revealed that the nanny had left the children alone in the sitting room to watch her own movie upstairs or to take a call. She had neglected her duty to keep an eye on the children she was paid to care for.

In that brief period, the children had found their way outside to play and tragically fell into the swimming pool, where they struggled for their lives before succumbing.

The nanny, whose name is withheld, came down to the pool 48 minutes later, but by then, it was too late.

This is a painful story that no parent should ever have to experience—losing two beloved twins on the same day. To all parents, wherever you are, always keep a close watch over your children. Don’t solely rely on nannies or anyone else. No one can care for your children as you can.


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