“Nazalawange simwagalangako ate setonda” Daniella Atim responds to ex mother in-law

Daniella Atim responded resolutely to her ex-mother-in-law, Prossy Mayanja, after she advised Daniella to refrain from discussing their family’s private matters in public.

Prossy Mayanja, the mother of Daniella’s former husband, Jose Chameleone, urged Daniella to keep their marital issues private to avoid further embarrassment to the Mayanja family. She also commended her son’s maturity in remaining silent amidst the turmoil.


However, Daniella has been vocal about the challenges she faced in her previous marriage, hinting at instances of domestic violence, emotional and physical trauma.

Recently, she launched a YouTube channel titled “Diary of a Retired Wife,” where she plans to discuss her marital experiences and advocate for women who have experienced domestic abuse. Her first episode has garnered at least 22,000 views within seven days.

Yesterday, Daniella took to her Instagram story to respond to her ex-mother-in-law, expressing her dislike for her and her unwillingness to accept her advice.

*”Dear Ex-MIL, let this be a reminder that I don’t like you either, and I will not apologize for that… Let me repeat it again… ‘Nange sikwagala ate toyina kyo ngamba.’ Daniella Atim”*

In a separate story update, she added, *”In fact, I don’t like my abuser, his enablers, or any of his cohorts. And I won’t pretend otherwise.”*

Social media has since been reacting to her statements, with many expressing support for her decision to speak out. Some see this as her way of healing and believe people should respect her journey, while others feel she has crossed a line and should show more respect for her past marriage, even though it didn’t work out as hoped.


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