“I am not intimidated by the media” Bruno K Opens Up About Media Manipulation and Fatherhood

Artiste Bruno K has been a prominent figure in the media, largely due to his relationships. However, he blames the women he has children with for consistently exposing him in the media.

The “Omuwala” artiste stated that he feels manipulated but refuses to be intimidated by the media. In a recent interview, he said, “People manipulate us artistes because they know we have a lot to lose, especially if you find a woman who is dramatic and childish.


They will intimidate you using their child, and if you refuse, they will blackmail you in the media. But I am not someone you can intimidate using the media, and if you try, I will tell you to go ahead.”

Bruno K emphasized that he respects his baby mamas as long as they respect him in return. “Respect me as a father, and I will respect you as a mother.

If you refuse, I always find someone to speak to you.” He also clarified that contrary to previous reports, he has never neglected any of his children.


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