Woman Explains Why She Killed Her Husband And Escapes Death Sentence After 24 Years In Prison

After spending 24 years in prison, Robinah tearfully recounts the reasons behind the bloodshed that led to her husband’s death.

Moving into her husband’s house, Robinah endured consistent violent assaults. Despite being the mother of his children, she endured a loveless marriage, hoping for change.


However, things only grew worse as her husband sold their belongings, including livestock, to fund his alcohol addiction.

In an interview with Afrimax English, Robinah described how her husband would return home drunk, subjecting her to life-threatening beatings.

Despite seeking refuge at her father’s house, she was rejected and reluctantly returned to her abusive husband for the sake of her children.

The situation escalated when her husband threatened to kill her with an axe during a drunken rage. In a struggle for her life, Robinah managed to defend herself, inadvertently causing her husband’s death.

Arrested and jailed without trial for four years, Robinah gave birth to her fifth child in prison, enduring unsanitary conditions and inadequate nutrition. Despite the challenges, she held onto hope, praying for intervention.

After 16 years, a judge reviewed her case, reducing her sentence to 24 years. Upon her release, Robinah faced hatred and stigma. Her children, believing she had killed their father, refused to see her.

Now living a solitary life, Robinah relies on menial jobs to survive, hoping that one day her children will learn the truth and forgive her.


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