“I hate you with passion and I Regret Loving You” Daniella Atim Bolsly tells Jose Chameleone

In her recent social media posts, Daniella Atim didn’t shy away from expressing her frustration with her former mother-in-law, Mrs. Prossy Mayanja.

After publicly revealing the mistreatment she endured during her marriage to Jose Chameleone, Daniella received unsolicited advice from Mrs. Mayanja, urging her to keep their personal issues private and away from the public eye.


However, instead of following this advice, Daniella chose to address Mrs. Mayanja directly on her Instagram account, making it unmistakably clear that she holds strong negative feelings towards her and has no intention of apologizing for them.

Daniella’s resentment towards her ex-mother-in-law stems from the support she believes Mrs. Mayanja provided to her son, Jose Chameleone, during their troubled marriage.

She firmly stated that she not only dislikes her abuser but also anyone who stands by him and all his associates.

Daniella made it abundantly clear that she refuses to pretend otherwise or sugarcoat her feelings towards them.

By openly expressing her distaste on social media, Daniella has shown that she is unafraid to confront those whom she believes have wronged her, even if it means facing backlash or criticism.


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