“Nesonyiwa ate nomwanawange Chameleone Mwesonyiwe” Chameleone’s Mother Prossy Mayanja Advises Daniella Atim

Prossy Mayanja, the mother of singer Dr. Jose Chameleone, has advised her estranged daughter-in-law, Daniella Atim, to refrain from disclosing their family’s private matters to the public.

Daniella has recently been sharing details about her marriage, including allegations of domestic abuse spanning several years.


The abuse, according to Daniella, was reportedly psychological, emotional, and physical. Since relocating to the US, she hasn’t hesitated to speak about the ordeal she faced within the Mayanja family.

In an interview with a news reporter, Prossy Mayanja emphasized the importance of keeping family matters private. She stated that what happens within the confines of a married couple’s home is difficult to articulate, as most couples face challenges, and no marriage is perfect. Prossy Mayanja expressed concern that the more Daniella reveals, the more embarrassing it will be for her.

Prossy Mayanja commended her son, Dr. Jose Chameleone, for choosing to remain silent on the matter. She believes it shows maturity on his part, as everything that is being said ultimately affects him.

“A lot of things happen behind closed doors in married couples’ homes. I don’t think it’s wise to discuss private matters in public, as it only leads to embarrassment. I commend Chameleone for maintaining his silence in this matter,” she said.

Furthermore, Prossy Mayanja, who is the mother of Chameleone, Weasel, and Pallaso, expressed her displeasure at people who claim that her son changes his colors like a chameleon and doesn’t have good intentions.

She described him as someone with a good heart who has helped many people rise. Prossy Mayanja believes that those who claim to know him have no idea who the real Joseph is.


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