“KABAKA ALI MITALA WA’MAYANJA AJANJABWA” Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga Confirms

Buganda Kingdom’s Premier, Charles Peter Mayiga, has provided an update, confirming that Kabaka Ronald Mutebi is still abroad receiving medical treatment.

During a Buganda kingdom meeting on Monday, Mayiga addressed several issues, including the Kabaka’s health.


The Kabaka’s absence from the public eye in recent weeks has raised concerns among his subjects and Ugandans at large.

Responding to mounting concerns, especially on social media, Katikkiro Mayiga confirmed on Monday that the Kabaka is still undergoing treatment abroad and will return as soon as his medical team permits.

“I’m informing Buganda once again that the Kabaka is still abroad where he went for an appointment with his medical team. He will return upon the doctors’ confirmation that he is ready to be discharged,” Mayiga stated.

The last public appearance of the Buganda King was in March, just days before his birthday run on April 7, 2024, at Mengo.

Many participants had anticipated seeing the Kabaka at the run, but were disappointed when he didn’t attend. Instead, the Princess Royal, Dr. Agnes Nabaloga, represented him and flagged off the event.

In early April, Katikkiro Mayiga confirmed to journalists that the Kabaka had left the country on March 21 for Europe, where he had an appointment with his medical team.

The Kabaka has faced health challenges in recent years. In April 2021, he appeared frail during his 66th birthday celebrations, sparking concern among some subjects and leading to speculations about his health until Mengo addressed the issue.


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