ALIEN SKIN KAWEDEMU!! Media Personalities Demand Justice for Evelyn Mic Following Alleged Assault by Alien Skin

Several media personalities, including MC Kats and Winnie Success, have joined forces to demand justice for Galaxy FM presenter Evelyn Mic, who was allegedly assaulted by singer Alien Skin at a recent event.

The incident reportedly occurred during a fest organized by Galaxy FM at Forest Park, Buloba, where Evelyn Mic was allegedly slapped by Alien Skin.


While the details surrounding the altercation remain undisclosed, Evelyn Mic has been absent from work as she recovers from the incident.

Expressing his outrage, MC Kats took to social media to call out Galaxy FM for their alleged inaction in response to the assault. In a tweet, he demanded justice for Evelyn Mic and criticized the radio station for failing to stand up for its presenter.

Fellow Spark TV presenter Winnie Success echoed MC Kats’ sentiments, urging Alien Skin to clarify whether he is a boxer or an artist and calling on Galaxy FM to defend their own. She expressed sadness over the incident and called for justice to be served.

The assault on Evelyn Mic has sparked outrage among media personalities, who are advocating for accountability and support for their colleague.

As the investigation unfolds, many are hoping for a swift resolution and a reaffirmation of principles within the media industry. #Justice4EvelynMic


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