Yiino ensonga Lwaaki Alien Skin Yakubye Evelyn Mic empi ku stage

Fangone Forest singer Alien Skin has been criticized for assaulting media personality Evelyn Mic during the just-concluded Zzina Carnival 24.

During the recent Galaxy FM Zzina Carnival 2024 held at Forest Park Buloba, a physical altercation occurred between singer Alien Skin and presenter Evelyn Mic.


Evelyn Mic was reportedly slapped by Alien Skin after she stopped one of the Galaxy FM Presenters from interacting with him, for reasons known only to her.

In a fit of anger, Alien Skin repeatedly slapped Evelyn Mic, leading her to file a police case.

The incident, where Alien Skin slapped the presenter, has sparked criticism from netizens on social media.

Mc Kats, expressing his views on social media, condemned Galaxy FM for not supporting their presenter and instead siding with Alien Skin due to his free performance at their event.

Winnie Success also voiced her concerns, stating that Alien Skin’s violent behavior seems to be a recurring issue and urged him to clarify whether he is a boxer or an artist.

She further called on Galaxy FM to stand up for their presenter, emphasizing that they should defend their staff in such situations.


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