Sasha Ferguson says marriage is not a lifetime prison

For the past two days, social media has been buzzing with rumors of a split between Canary Mugume and Sasha Ferguson. While it’s alleged that the couple has gone their separate ways, Sasha Ferguson has shared some insightful advice for women dealing with marital challenges.

In a video circulating on social media, Sasha urged women to prioritize their well-being in toxic relationships but cautioned against airing personal grievances in public.


“Marriage is a commitment between two people; you come together, you take vows, and you are accountable to each other. You should be each other’s keeper,” Sasha said.

She emphasized the importance of seeking help before making any drastic decisions. “There are therapists, counselors, and many others who can help. Try to fix the marriage before giving up,” she advised.

However, she was quick to add, “Marriage is not a lifetime prison. If you are not happy, if your life is at stake, it’s okay to leave.”

Sasha stressed the importance of privacy, especially when children are involved. “When it gets toxic, it’s okay to leave quietly and move on with your life. Keeping the anger inside will only hurt you and possibly your children,” she explained.

Canary Mugume and Sasha Ferguson share a child, adding another layer of complexity to their situation. However, Sasha’s advice serves as a guiding light for anyone facing similar challenges in their relationships.


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