Ugandans Left in Disbelief As 80 Year Old President Museveni Confirms His Impending Death , Reveals How’s He’s Ready To Meet God In Heaven

President Museveni addressed a gathering of hundreds of traders from downtown Kampala on Tuesday afternoon to discuss VAT and EFRIS-related matters. These issues had led to protests a few weeks ago, with traders shutting down their shops.

While the traders had anticipated significant announcements from President Museveni, none were forthcoming. This left the previously cheerful audience visibly disheartened.


During the meeting, President Museveni indirectly referenced his own mortality, stating that his inevitable death wasn’t far off. He urged the traders to adopt a more patriotic outlook and consider the long-term interests of Uganda.

Addressing concerns raised by the traders, particularly regarding corruption allegations against URA officials and issues of over and double taxation, President Museveni refuted claims of double taxation, assuring the traders that they only pay taxes once.

The President urged the traders to focus on growing Uganda’s industrialization and manufacturing capabilities, emphasizing the benefits an industrialized Uganda would bring to them in the long run.

The meeting presented a significant challenge for President Museveni, as the turnout was lukewarm, with a larger group staying away, indicating a lack of confidence in the President’s ability to resolve their grievances.


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