Weasel’s Mental Health State Leaves Fans Worried Following Public Drunken Episode

There is growing concern over the health of singer Weasel Manizo, with many fearing he is on a dangerous path. These concerns peaked after he was spotted in a highly intoxicated state at fellow singer Alien Skin’s Fangone Forest event.

Recordings from the event show Weasel appearing disoriented and unable to speak coherently, leading many to worry about his well-being. Critics have condemned the sharing of the video on social media, arguing that it only exacerbates the issue.


Weasel’s struggles with substance abuse are not new. Sources close to the Goodlyf Crew reveal that this has been an ongoing issue for some time.

The situation reportedly worsened following the death of his singing partner, Radio, in a bar brawl in 2018. Rumors suggest that Weasel has a particular fondness for tequila and other substances like weed.

Additionally, Weasel has faced allegations of domestic abuse against his partner, Sandra Teta, while under the influence. In 2022, he was accused of assaulting her, prompting her to flee to her home in Rwanda. However, the couple later reconciled and denied these allegations.

There have also been reports of Weasel driving while intoxicated, causing disturbances on the road. Despite these concerning behaviors, it remains unclear why his family has not intervened to seek professional help before it’s too late.


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