“Ffe Rick man Tetumumanyi” Frank Gashumba Denies Knowledge of Daughter Sheilah’s Boyfriend


Renowned political and social analyst, Frank Gashumba, has stated that he is unaware of his daughter Sheilah Gashumba’s boyfriend, singer Rickman Manrick. Gashumba clarified that he is not the only one in the family who is unfamiliar with Rickman; the entire family knows nothing about him.

Sheilah and Rickman have been in a relationship for nearly three years, sharing their journey on social media platforms, a trend familiar to Frank Gashumba.


Despite their public displays of affection and mutual protection from negative comments, Frank Gashumba has never acknowledged Rickman Manrick. In fact, the last time he mentioned him, he referred to him as “Kony,” alluding to the notorious warlord.

However, despite Frank Gashumba’s apparent disapproval, Sheilah and Rickman’s relationship has endured, and they appear to be stronger than ever.

Frank Gashumba expressed his disbelief in the concept of boyfriends and girlfriends, stating that a responsible man should visit his partner’s family home.

He emphasized that, as far as he is concerned, his daughter is single, and he is unaware of the man the media is discussing.

“I don’t know Rickman Manrick, and my family knows nothing about him. He is only known on social media, not within our family,” said Frank Gashumba.

It is worth noting that Gashumba was previously recorded expressing disappointment in his daughter, particularly regarding her choice of partners, which he described as suspicious and resembling criminals.


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