My Husband is Interested in my Skimpy Attires – Hellen Lukoma Embracing Bold Fashion Choices for Love

Rising star Hellen Lukoma is making waves not only with her music but also with her daring fashion sense. Known for her skimpy attire, Lukoma tops the list of female musicians who confidently showcase their bold style.

The singer reveals that her choice of clothing is driven by a desire to impress the father of her children. She shares that he appreciates her fashion choices and has always been supportive, never discouraging her from wearing revealing outfits.


“I don’t care about anyone else as long as my husband is happy and living his best life with me,” Lukoma explained.

Hellen Lukoma and her partner, Anwar Kaka, are proud parents to more than three children, forming a beautiful family bond that fuels her artistic and personal expression.


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