Daddy Andre Breaks Silence on Split with Angella Katatumba Over HIV Test Dispute

In March 2020, singer Angella Katatumba made headlines when she revealed that she ended her relationship with Daddy Andre because he refused to undergo an HIV test, despite their seemingly happy partnership. Now, three years later, Daddy Andre has finally shared his side of the story.

Daddy Andre explained that he saw no reason to rush into an HIV test before engaging in sexual activity with Angella. He emphasized the importance of taking things one step at a time and expressed concern that rushing into testing could lead to hasty decisions and unnecessary stress.


Andre asserted that his refusal to take the test was a personal choice made with his well-being in mind, not indicative of any wrongdoing. He suggested that agreeing to the test prematurely could have led to potential misunderstandings.

Addressing the media portrayal of their relationship, Daddy Andre noted that the coverage was often exaggerated. He concluded by affirming his right to undergo an HIV test at his own discretion, rather than under external pressure, shedding new light on the situation and highlighting the complexities of personal relationships in the public eye.


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