Lecturer we Kyambogo University ya rapinze Muzibe atanetuuka, Police emutadeko obukadde 10M eli oyo amulabako

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has announced a 10 million shilling reward for information leading to the arrest of Dr. Eron Lawrence, a 56-year-old former Dean at Kyambogo University, wanted for alleged aggravated defilement of a 16-year-old visually impaired girl.

In a statement, the CID detailed that Dr. Lawrence, former Dean of the Faculty of Special Needs and Rehabilitation, allegedly exploited his position as Project Administrator of “All We See is Possibility” to gain the victim’s trust.


“We believe the suspect is still hiding within the country, likely with the help of close relatives and friends,” said a CID spokesperson.

“Anyone found harboring or aiding his escape will face legal consequences, including charges of harboring or aiding the escape of a wanted suspect.” He Added. The CID has obtained a warrant of arrest and submitted it to Interpol for a Red Notice against Dr. Lawrence.

“This is a clear-cut case of aggravated defilement, and we are determined to bring the suspect to justice,” the spokesperson emphasized.

The public is urged to provide any information leading to Dr. Lawrence’s arrest, and those with information can contact the nearest police station or call CID Headquarters at 0741-111-333.

The police assure that all information will be treated with utmost confidence. A wanted poster featuring Dr. Lawrence is available on the police website and social media platforms.

“We will relentlessly pursue the suspect until we find him and bring him to justice,” concluded the CID statement, emphasizing the importance of community cooperation in ensuring justice for the victim and safety for all.

The Police emphasizes the importance of community cooperation in this critical matter and call on the public to assist in ensuring justice for the victim and safety for all.


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