Muwala wa President Museveni, Patience Museveni alangilidde olutalo kuba Kadaama abali E Saud

Patience Museveni Rwabwogo has boldly declared a mission to end what she describes as the “curse” of Ugandans working as maids in Saudi Arabia.

She argues that it is a misfortune for Ugandan children to leave their homeland to work in foreign households, emphasizing that the Lord’s plan is for Ugandans to prosper within their own blessed land. According to her, it’s time to break this cycle once and for all.


Ms. Rwabwogo’s impassioned statements have resonated deeply, prompting many Ugandans to reflect on the long-standing trend of seeking employment abroad under often challenging conditions.

Her call to action is inspiring a shift in perspective, encouraging people to explore opportunities for prosperity within Uganda’s borders.

As the daughter of President Yoweri Museveni, Ms. Rwabwogo’s words carry significant influence in Ugandan society. Her advocacy against the practice of Ugandans working as maids in Saudi Arabia is poised to impact public opinion and potentially shape government policy. Her leadership in this movement is seen as a catalyst for change.

However, overcoming this issue won’t be straightforward. For years, the promise of better wages and opportunities abroad has drawn many Ugandans, despite the risks and hardships they might face in foreign households. The lure of a better life has often overshadowed the potential dangers involved.

Ms. Rwabwogo’s message serves as a wake-up call for Ugandans to reassess their priorities. She urges them to focus on building a brighter future at home, investing in local communities, and creating domestic opportunities for prosperity.

Breaking this “curse” is not just about economic growth; it is also about reclaiming national dignity and self-worth. It involves standing against exploitation and injustice, and striving for a better future for all Ugandans, both domestically and abroad.


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