Akatambi ko ‘Kwepicha’ akomukulu we diini wakalabye? Kaakano kagenze vayiro

Social media is ablaze following the leak of a controversial *** featuring one of Uganda’s top Catholic priests, Father Lucian Twinamatsiko Ambunga. The footage, which has rapidly gone viral, shows Father Lucian engaging in enkudi acts with an unidentified young woman.

In the video, Father Lucian is seen recording the act himself, skillfully manipulating the camera to capture various angles and positions as he performs. The priest, who has long been a respected figure in the Catholic community, is shown displaying intimate behaviours, including “chewing the las” and wiggling his waist in a manner some have likened to the agility of a wasp.

Social media reactions have been swift and varied, with many expressing shock and disbelief. One particularly viral comment reads: “Father Lucian akubye foreplay temanyi ya Bachwezi,” which roughly translates to “Father Lucian is demonstrating foreplay skills like those of the Bachwezi,” a reference to a mythical ancient dynasty in Uganda known for their mystical prowess.

The church has yet to release an official statement regarding the scandal, and Father Lucian has not made any public comments. The video’s release has sparked intense debate about the conduct of clergy and the potential consequences for Father Lucian and the church’s reputation.


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