Omusajja asazesaze mukyala we olw’okukozesamu family planning nga takkirizza

In Busia District, eastern Uganda, a distressing incident has brought attention to the importance of reproductive rights and gender equality.

Yvonne Washika, a 19-year-old woman, found herself admitted to St Peter’s Clinic in Lumino Town after allegedly being brutally attacked by her 24-year-old husband, Fred Oundo. The reason behind this heinous act? A dispute over family planning.


Reports indicate that Washika sustained severe injuries to her hands, legs, and back in the altercation with her husband. Moses Mugwe, the Bukedi South Region Police Spokesperson, confirmed Oundo’s arrest, highlighting the seriousness of the situation. Oundo currently remains in custody at Busia Police Station pending further investigation.

According to Washika, tensions arose in their marriage due to conflicting views on family planning. Despite financial constraints and existing challenges in raising their two-year-old daughter, Oundo vehemently opposed the idea of birth control. Washika, on the other hand, saw it as a practical solution to their circumstances.

The disagreement escalated when Washika insisted on maintaining their family planning measures, prompting Oundo to take unilateral action regarding their daughter’s custody. Washika’s attempt to leave their home led to a harrowing confrontation where Oundo allegedly attacked her with a machete, causing grievous harm.

Thankfully, the timely intervention of local residents and leaders ensured Washika received medical attention promptly. Peter Barasa, in charge of the health facility treating Washika, provided assurance that medical procedures were underway to aid her recovery.

Washika’s father, Daniel Obogita, expressed shock and dismay over the incident, emphasizing the gravity of domestic violence in intimate relationships. Lumino Town Council LC3 chairman, Clement Oguttu, condemned Oundo’s actions, stressing the importance of respecting women’s autonomy in reproductive decisions.

Dennis Wangira, the Bukedi region Coordinator for the National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders of Uganda, echoed these sentiments, labeling the attack as a blatant violation of women’s rights. He called for swift legal action to hold the perpetrator accountable and ensure justice for Washika.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the persistent challenges faced by women in asserting their reproductive rights and safety within marital relationships. It underscores the urgent need for societal change and robust legal protection to safeguard the well-being and autonomy of women across Uganda.


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