China expected to have temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius

The province which normally experiences temperatures in the high 20s in July, will this year according to local authorities reach highs of 40C in the next 24 hours.

many in China are now turning to air conditioning in their homes, offices and factories which could however could cause trouble for the national power grid due to overload.

In July, Shanghai’s temperature hit a sweltering 40.9C, equaling its hottest day since records began in 1873, hitting this mark the first time in 2017, Reuters news agency reports.

Heatwaves have become more frequent globally, more intense, and last longer because of human-induced climate change.

The world has already warmed by about 1.1C since the industrial era began and temperatures will keep rising unless governments around the world make steep cuts to emissions.

Britain shattered its record for highest temperature ever registered Tuesday amid a heat wave that has seared swaths of Europe


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