Please give me twins- Pastor Bugingo pleads with girlfriend Susan Makula

House of Prayer International Ministries lead pastor Aloysious Bugingo is a happy man ever since he traditionally legalized his marriage with Susan Makula. And he doesn’t shy away from revealing to his flock what he wants to do to her behind closed doors.

During a recent church sermon, Bugingo requested Susan to give him twins. This was during a sermon in regards to twins known as Joshua and Caleb in the Bible who were spies anointed by God.

“Makula why don’t you give me twins Caleb and Joshua. I should have told you this when we are alone but it’s okay since I have already said it publicly,” said Bugingo.

The couple seems to enjoy their sex life a lot of recently. Makula has constantly appeared in a number of interviews on her program on Salt TV giving women tips on how to boost their sex life and keep their marriages.

People however have always wondered how she became a marriage counselor after snatching a fellow woman’s man.Bugingo however seems a very happy man ever since he landed into this relationship with Makula.


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