“Zuena deserves a beautiful wedding from Bebe Cool, That’s what I want”- King saha

Speaking to journalists after a club performance last Tuesday night, Saha, real name Mansour Ssemanda, said Cool should wed his mother of four children, Zuena Kirema.

“That’s what I want,” Saha, whose beef with the ‘Mbozi za Malwa’ singer stems from an unpaid debt, said when he was asked if he won’t be embarrassed when he finally walks her down the aisle. “I respect women. I would want a beautiful woman like his to be wedded so we can follow suit,” he went on. “I am planning mine.”

It is not clear what Saha did for Cool to start demanding him money, but some people have said it could be for featuring in ‘Tubonga Nawe’, the song that was released for President Yoweri Museveni’s 2016 election campaign.

Saha said he will spill everything at his upcoming concert.

“I’ll stop the music and narrate the story about Zakayo… I will also create a film about him,” he said. “I know he’ll conceal himself and attend the show.”

The ‘Sivaawo’ crooner says he won’t stop talking about Bebe Cool.

“He turned me into a ball he plays with… Whenever he has nothing to talk about, he invites the media… and starts trash talking about me… he turned into a stone in my shoe… since he has a big foot, I decided to return the favor,” he said.

n May of this year, King Saha released a single titled ‘Zakayo’ in which he seems to be talking about Bebe Cool.

“Avoid hostility, Zakayo, worldly things are to be left behind, Zakayo. If the bus leaves you, you’ll pull a rope,” he sings.

“Greed, greed, greed… old age greed… let me work, so I never become like beggars… Zakayo, the toll collector… you have a frivolous approach to work.”

Saha says he somehow understands why the debt has not been cleared.

“He seems to have problems… I also have challenges sometimes… He could still be needing the money. He looks like he doesn’t love himself, but he is just putting up appearances,” he says.

“He has more problems than I have… he created a lot.”


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