“Nyabo I hate you with a passion,” MC Kats storms Nazaala’s home Maama Fille Mutoni, demands that she hands over his child

“I hate you with a passion,” irate city events Master of Ceremony and renowned media personality, Edwin Katamba, a.k.a MC Kats, is heard telling off his ‘Nyazaala’ as the pair confront each other face to face. In a video posted on Sanyuka TV’s Facebook page, MC Kats, also demands for one of his many kids, who apparently stays at his Nyazaala’s (Mother in-law) home.

He goes ahead and accuses her of giving him a cold shoulder for the past decade, when he needed her help. Visibly irate and ready to explode his anger and frustrations, the NBS TV After5 presenter and entertainment pundit blasts the raging Nyazaala, reminding her that he has never asked her to raise his kid.

“I have never asked you to look after my child and I will never. Even your daughter failed you, so give me my child,” the 41-year-old MC stands toe to toe with the fuming mother-in-law, raging as he throws his hands in the air.

“I hate you with a passion! You don’t know! Give me my child and see if you will ever see me again,” he shouts at the top of his voice, to which Nyazaala claps back, “I hate you too!”

“Give me my child! I don’t have anything else I want from you, mummy.”

Seemingly after realising that Nyazaala ain’t moved by his rage, MC Kats kowtows and collapses on his knees and begs for his child in rather a low tone.

However, Nyazaala still refuses to back down! MC Kats then threatens to involve authorities, to which the mother-in-law gives him the greenlight.

He does all this, perhaps not knowing he is being recorded on camera! After his plans miserably flop, he is seen heading towards his car, crestfallen, to cruise off.


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