Campus Babe, Pensioner Send Netizens In Early X-Mas Celebrations VIDEO

Netizens are in early Christmas celebrations after a campuser from a renowned University on Ggaba Road and her pensioner gifted them with a clip worth celebrating. Most campus female students like expensive lifestyles but in most cases, their pockets can’t sustain them.

Most resort to dating pensioners who are loaded and willing to spend on young lads. In Uganda, pensioners have a habit of camping around hostels in their expensive rides to pull the attention of hungry campus wannabes.

In most Ugandan campuses, 70% of female students come from poor backgrounds and want to hold expensive phones, and refurbish their hostel rooms with expensive household items.

To achieve this, they must look for sponsors to bankroll their dreams. But of these sponsors know that these campusers don’t come for love but money. The good thing is that pensioners look for fun and happiness which gives campusers room to enjoy their life.


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