Reason Big Eye was bounced off stage at the Eddy Kenzo Festival like a chicken thief

Singer Big Eye was one of the highlights at the Eddy Kenzo Festival that took place over the weekend. Singer Big Eye was seen running towards the DJ’S booth clearly in an angry mode.

There is no doubt that he wanted to beat up the DJ but security apprehended him early enough and kicked him off stage like a chicken thief. Now the real reason he was treated in such manner is that he told the DJ to play his new song Husband Material to wind out his performance.

The DJ instead played DJ Michael’s song a thing that angered Big Eye.

“While performing at the Eddy Kenzo Festival, Big Eye requested the DJ to play his latest song one note time as he makes his way off the stage, but instead the DJ played King Michael’s song. This annoyed Big Eye and he attacked the deejay,” a source who was at the show said.

It’s said that Big Eye interpreted this as a diss by the DJ indirectly comparing him to the Kiri ok singer who was a massive flop and failure and now a faded artist.


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