Lwaaki muwulira obuggya ku musajja wange Shakib? Muffe kubibakwaatako – Zari 

It’s well known by this point that Zari Hassan, a.k.a. the Boss Lady, is not the type of person to amuse those who enjoy prying eyes and ears into her affairs.  Being a well-known person, it goes without saying that everyone will be aware of the man she is seeing or the father of her children.

She has truly been on the rise after the death of the father of her children and the breakup with Diamond, just doing what she wants, dating whoever she likes, and also making significant financial decisions. Kwegamba Zari is in this place to reside.

The new kid on the block for Zari is Shakib Lutaaya, who is making the boss woman crazy and, for lack of a better phrase, has her head over heels for the young man.

Since the two are getting along so well, many people who believe that Lutaaya ought to be Zari’s final boyfriend may argue that the relationship has never seemed right.

In addition to the well-wishers, some detractors criticize Zari for being overly clinging, but she had a wise response for them: mind your own business.

She also wondered why people were catching feelings for her man, and further exclaimed that whoever was unhappy with her relationship was either lonely, dating someone’s husband or miserable, “If you are hating on my relationship, you are either lonely, miserable or dating someone else’s man.”

She stressed the fact that no matter what people think, she will continue doing whatever she wants.


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