Reasons why Jeff Kiwa has fired Rahma Pinky from Team No Sleep

Talent Manager Team No Sleep (TNS) boss Jeff Kiwa has reportedly fired his  18 years old Rahma Pinky. Pinky was signed a few days after Jeff Kiwa separated ways with his former artiste Sheebah Kalungi.

The reason behind their separation was not revealed to the public but rumor had it that it was all about money and Sheebah wanted to be independent without anyone telling her what do and when to do it.

In that period Jeff Kiwa decided to get another artiste to fill the gap of Sheebah but it looks like it is not worth it for him like it worked for Sheebah.n

Few months into their business partnership, news coming into our desk indicates that Jeff Kiwa and Rahma Pinky are no longer together.

According to the rumors, the reason behind their separation is Rahma Pinky sneaking men into her apartment and smoking shisha.

Jeff Kiwa has fired Pinky for sneaking men into her apartment and taking Shisha. The young singer now seeks a new manager.


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