“Don’t behave like a villager, Style up and dress well” – Fans troll Grace Khan

Fans have come out to troll Grace Khan over her looks in the public and the way she behaves like a villager yet she has fans who look up to her. Grace Khan rose to fame years ago but her name is louder than the music she brings to her fans for some years now.

At first, it was about her relationship with her manager Kojja Kitonsa that spilled and put her music brand down, and ever since that she has never looked back to being dramatic.

Last year she was all over the media after she got pregnant and got abandoned by the father of her child singer Prince Omar. As if that wasn’t enough, she was also accused of taking drugs and mistreating her maid who had come out to help her at her home.

This month Grace Khan was in the media again fighting with fans who abused her daughter calling her ugly. Upto now she is still talking about them but her looks are so disappointing.

With her poor made hair, fans have called her out telling her to Style up, dress well and look good because she is a role model and she deserves the best of her life.


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