MUMPE KUMAGEZI: Omwami Wange Yansiiga Akawuka Ka Siriimu nze ne Muto Wange, Yali Yebaka naye ngandi kumulimu

Marion Sophia from Naivasha has narrated how her husband infected her and her younger sister with HIV after he slept with her sister while she was at work. According to Sophia is that she is the firstborn in a family of five, they were brought up by their grandmother after her mother got married to another man and she abandoned them at her mom’s house.

Life was good until her grandmother got sick and she couldn’t provide for them, they dropped out of school and started working to get food to eat, and when she was sixteen years she met a man who offered to marry her with her younger siblings.

Sophia says that after a while her husband felt it was too much and he ran away with his clothes, she was forced to go back to her grandmother’s house with her siblings but when still there she met another man they became lovers. Since she was already eighteen the man gave her the identity card to register hers.

She says that they started living as husband and wife together with her younger siblings. she says that they were both working but after they leave the house, her husband used to come back to the house and force her younger sister to sleep with her and threaten to kill her once she tells her.

Sophia says that she noticed that her sister was walking differently and that when she asked her what was wrong and she told her what was happening, she says that she was afraid and didn’t even ask him and they ran away and went back to their grandmother.

She claims that she didn’t know she was pregnant and she started getting sick when she went to the hospital, the doctors confirmed that she was pregnant and also she was HIV positive. since her husband had slept with her sister she was also HIV positive it was hard for her to accept but through counseling from a doctor, she accepted.

Sophia says that her younger sister got sick and was admitted to the hospital but she didn’t make it, She gave birth to her child safely and she is now a mother of one. she has urged young people to always go for checkups before getting into a romantic relationship.


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