“See Our Future Wives” – What characteristics define a good woman?  

What characteristics define a good woman? Due of the diversity of people, their situations, and their interests, this question is simple to pose but difficult to answer. And each of these influences molds a person in a particular way. What seems perfect to you may not be appealing to others. However, certain fundamental traits in people are constantly in high demand.

A nice woman, however, is one who knows how to present herself as she really is. She supports being authentic and is content and pleased to live that way. She Has Goals And Is Enthusiastic: She is passionate and determined. Living is about progress, change, exploration, and enjoyment.

A good woman will always be aware of the struggles and hardships that other women face. She becomes increasingly understanding of other women as a result. Without any hesitation, she will do her absolute best to support other women.

These are only a few examples of what makes a nice lady; what makes a bad woman? The general public believes that a woman should behave exactly like the women who posted photos of themselves smoking and drinking in clubs with the caption “our future wives.”

This is maybe because women were known to be the housemaker, you know stay at home and look after the children, but nowadays women love going out and partying the night away.


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