Ex-Minister Amelia Kyambadde reveals “sweet details” about Winnie Nwagi

Former Minister of Trade, Amelia Kyambadde, has provided some endearing details about Winnie Nwagi. No singer in the Ugandan music industry, in Kyambadde’s opinion, does it better than Nwagi. She describes Nwagi as a strong and talented woman.

“Winnie Nwagi makes me happy. She sings well, and she is a very strong lady. Even if they abuse her, she remains focused,” said Kyambadde while appearing in an interview.

Amelia was also asked how she felt when singer Hillary Innocent Kiyaga, aka Dr. Hilderman, ran against her in the general elections of 2021, even after he claimed that she (Amelia) changed his life after he wrote a campaign song titled “Amelia.”

“I was happy when he became our MP, that shows he was a good student because he watched while I was still serving the people,” she replied. However, she claimed that Hilderman is yet to do anything for the people of Mawookota North.

“He has been there for two years so far but has done nothing. Our constituency has declined in everything. “Actually, the only thing he has done is sing at people’s ceremonies,” she said.


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