Precious Remmie Calls Out Ugandan Artistes, Says They Are Users

Media personality and actress, Precious Remmie, real name Nakiito Rehema has no kind words for Ugandan artistes as she revealed that they are users. The music industry moves hand in hand with the media as most of the promotions and flaunting of an artiste for people to know about him or her is through the media.

However, after an artiste somehow makes it to the top with a huge following, they forget about the media. They start bashing it as if it didn’t help them through their growth.

Some artistes create strong relationships with media personalities and keep promoting themselves as friends. For Precious Remmie, she is tired of pretending to be a friend to certain artists who used her to get to the top and later forgot about everything she had done for them.

The beautiful TV girl said an artiste keeps requesting a media personality to push their songs like posting it on their social media platforms. However, when a media personality needs help from an artiste they never show up if there isn’t money involved.

Precious Remmie said artistes are users without any question. They should stop acting like they are perfect yet they are the ones in mistakes.

“Artistes are users. They keep asking you to push their songs and yet when you need them, they are never available for you unless you have money,” Precious Remmie She is not the only person who has commented about the bad behavior of Ugandan artistes. MC Kats is always on television calling them out.


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