“Zari Doesn’t Qualify Or Fit In The Category Of Women I Love Because She’s Too Old And Too Plastic!” Bold Crysto Panda Bashes Zari

NTV presenter Herbert Kityamuweesi a.k.a Crysto Panda says even though chance avails itself, he cannot date South Africa-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

He stresses that despite Zari being good-looking and loaded, he cannot date her because she does not possess some of the qualities that he desires from a woman.

Crysto Panda: I Would Neither Date, Nor Marry Zari

Zari Hassan is apparently dating 30-year-old Shakib Lutaaya who is about 12 years younger than she is.

Crysto Panda says she does not fit in the category of women he desires to have as long-life partners.

Panda made the comments while appearing on Sanyuka TV’s UnCut show where he responded to some of the tough questions about relationships that were being sent his direction.

“I can’t date Zari because she doesn’t fall in the category of women I can date.” Crysto Panda

When asked about his plans of getting married, he replied that he is still taking his time till he feels he is fit to settle down with one partner for the rest of his life.

Crysto Panda added that as of now, he is not yet ready to walk down the aisle.


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