“Chameleone Desperately Begged Me For A Drop To Promote His Upcoming Concert And I Refused!” Attention-Seeking Gravity Omutujju Brags.

Local rapper Gravity Omutujju, born Gereson Wabuyu, has disclosed that singer Jose Chameleone begged him for a drop for his forthcoming concert but he declined to offer it to him.

Gravity stated that Jose Chameleone sent him a WhatsApp voice note and text pleading that he records for him a drop advertising his “Gwanga Mujje” concert that is slated to take place on the 10th of February 2023.

Gravity Omutujju resurrects beef with Chameleone - Howwe.ug

Without mincing in his words, Gravity revealed that he assured Chameleone of how he was not in position to do for him a drop that calls upon revellers to turn up for his coming concert.

Gravity added that he did so as a payback to the latter’s refusal of doing for him a drop when he needed it the most during the concert that he held last year.

The “Jenje Mukituli” singer made the revelation while appearing on Tuff B’s KURT show.

He added that if Jose Chameleone does not push his concert very well, it will flop and won’t get half of the audience that Spice Diana got during her concert.


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