Disrespectful Weasel Filmed Jokingly Jumping Over A Very Short Man In A Bar, While Performing On Stage.

Musician Douglas Mayanja, professionally known as Weasel, never runs out of naughty escapades.

A video shared on social media Saturday morning shows the singer leaping over a man who is tall enough to reach around his lower abdominal area.

Weasel Manizo. Middle is a screengrab from the video

Weasel, who was holding a glass of a drink and singing the GoodLyfe love ballad Kuku, first dances with the man before he hopes a little and passes his right leg above his head.

After the jump, Weasel tries hugging the man who appears to be smiling and they both carry on with their business. Weasel was performing at what looked like a bar.

His antics come just hours after a video of his brother Jose Chameleone was released showing him lashing a Boda man.

It is alleged that the Boda guy knocked Chameleone’s Range Rover. However, in the video someone is heard saying that the Boda man didn’t hit the car.

This is not the first time Chameleone is involved in violent incidents and it is said that he always moves around with ‘goons’ which explains why the Boda guys that were around didn’t attack him when he attacked one of their own.

His wife, Daniella Atim, appeared to criticise him in an Instagram post shared Friday evening.

“Zero tolerance for violence,” Atim posted, captioning an artwork that read: “Violence will not be tolerated.”

In the comment section, someone said: “What happened to you… that’s your husband?”

Atim responded: “Should I give him to you to marry him?”

The post has so far generated hundreds of comments and most of them seem to side with Atim, with some calling for boycotting the concert.

One commenter said: “I am a law student and look up to you because you’re constantly fighting for justice… even when you are going against your family.”

Atim responded: “…all the best, we want more of you in our country.”

“The way fellow Boda guys were looking on and yet they are always threatening to beat us when you are a mere commoner… I bowed to the legend that guy is liked. If he was another person, boda people would have killed him,” a commenter wrote.

Both Chameleone and Weasel have been involved in multiple violent incidents.

Watch the video below:


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