“Don’t Ask Me Any Questions About Daniella, If You Want To Talk To Her Go To Her Instagram Account, Because I’m Not Interested!” Angry And Bitter Jose Chameleone Blasts Journalists Who Asked Whether His Wife Daniella Atim Will Attend His Gwanga Mujje Concert.

Jose Chameleone had no kind words for a journalist who asked if his wife Daniella Atim Mayanja will attend his concert on 10th February.

Now staying in the USA, Daniella Atim Mayanja has on several occasions, not been at par with her husband Jose Chameleone, real name Joseph Mayanja.

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Just recently when a video of Chameleone beating up a boda boda cyclist for allegedly damaging his car, Daniella sent out a strong message asking for justice for the cyclist.

Her Instagram post in which she wrote, “Violence will not be tolerated,” seemed to shock several of her followers and critics who continued to believe that maybe they are not on good terms.

While in a media briefing held on Monday afternoon in Kampala, Jose Chameleone was asked if there is a chance of Daniella attending his concert scheduled for 10th February 2023 at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

In response, Chameleone asked all those who miss Daniella Atim to go to her Instagram DMs and send her a message asking her whatever they want to ask her.

He maintained that ‘Gwanga Mujje’ is his own concert and people cannot keep pestering him about his wife’s attendance because they do not ask other artists about the same.

“When Shaggy is coming to perform, he does not come with his wife. When Bebe Cool comes to his show, you do not demand to see Zuena. If you miss Mama Abba, get her number, look for her on Instagram and have your chats there,” Chameleone said.

“This concert is not for Mama Abba and Chameleone. This event belongs to Joseph Chameleone. Those of you who are yearning for her can find her on Instagram. Call her, slide into her inbox, or whatever you want, but this event is strictly Legend Gwanga Mujje! Thank you,” he added.


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