“I Am The ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ Of Uganda’s Music Industry And Arts Creativity In Song Writing!” Attention-Seeking Nince Henry Claims.

We all agree that Italian artist, engineer, and scientist Leonardo Da Vinci is best described as the embodiment of paintings in the whole world.

His paintings, notably the Mona Lisa (1503-19), the Last Supper (1495-98), and Vitruvian Man (1490) made him become a cultural icon because of his sharp intellect, and contributions to art, including methods of representing space, three-dimensional objects, and the human figure, cannot be overstated.

Nince Henry Lists Songs He Has Written For Fellow Artists, Leaves Netizens  In a Jaw Dropping State - Exclusive Bizz

Singer and Songwriter Nince Henry, real name Sekyanzi Henry, has bragged that he is the ”Leonardo Da Vinci” of Uganda’s music creativity business.

Nince Henry claimed the braggart rights as he was responding to questions in an interview where he revealed why most songwriters fear to write songs for him yet he so much loves singing songs written by other songwriters.

He likened the fear of songwriters offering him songs for singing to companies like Coca-cola noting how it is not easy for someone to walk into such a big company and lecture them on how to make soda.

He, however, stated that he might not be the best songwriter as there might be others who are more talented than he is.

“I also want to sing a song that I’ve not written for myself. I want it so much but I haven’t yet got that chance. It feels difficult for them to do so yet I want it to come to pass. It’s about bragging but I think I am the ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ of Uganda’s music creativity industry. Because I believe it is hard to conceive Da Vinci how art works and it is the same way how it is hard to walk into a coca-cola company and teach them how to make soda.” Nince Henry

Nince Henry made the comments as he was sharing how he managed to come up with Spice Diana’s “Sili Regular” song.

He thanked manager Roger Lubega for tasking him to retreat to his old style of songwriting on Spice’s song.


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