“I’ve Never Got Any Money From UgaTunes Or Any One Who Uploads Or Stream My Old Music, I’m Choking On Heavy Debts!” Embattled Kadongo Kamu Legend Lord Fred Sebatta Cries For Help.

Veteran Kadongo Kamu singer Lord Fred Sebatta has in the past few months been the talk of the town following a number of artists re-doing his songs.

One of his songs that got the public up in arms was his “Sam Wange” song which was poorly redone by producer Daddy Andrew and Sheebah Karungi.

Singer Lord Fred Sebatta Wallowing in debt | Sanyuka Uncut - YouTube

Recently, King Saha also hopped onto one of his songs and released a sample of what he was cooking in the studio as he redid one of Sebatta’s classics.

Lord Fred Sebatta admits selling off his songs to UgaTunes App officials pioneered by Gen. Caleb Akandwanaho, better known as Salim Saleh.

His disappointment though is that since 2021 when the news of Kadongo Kamu artists selling off their intellectual property to UgaTunes App went public, he has never benefited from the project, and yet artists are already using his works.

He adds that he is choking on a heavy debt of Shs260m which he thought he would get after selling off his music to clear the pending balance from all the money lenders he borrowed from.

“The truth is I sold all my songs to UgaTunes but as a matter of fact, I’ve never received any single coin from the associations/organization. I am choking on a debt of shillings 260M.” Lord Fred Ssebata

The unhappy Sebatta explains that he attained the debts to help in the treatment that he got from America and twice in Nairobi, Kenya.

He went ahead to question why a section of individuals in Kadongo Kamu has failed to appreciate him when he is still alive.

Sebatta says that he is among the few artists (less than five) who made the music genre a full-time job and hence deserves to be highly respected in Uganda’s music industry but he doesn’t get the applause and recognition that he feels he should be getting.


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