“I WiII Beat Kassim Ouma Until He Forgets The Days He Used To Chew Juliana Kanyomozi From Her House!” Dramatic Golola Moses Stings His Opponent.

There was a heated exchange of words during the press briefing of kickboxing champion Moses “Of Uganda” Golola and Kassim “The Dream” Ouma as they launched their 10-round bout that is slated for early May 2023.

During the press conference, both athletes had a back-and-forth confrontation as each tried to belittle the other in the usual way Golola provokes his opponents.

The kickboxing champion threw jabs at Kassim Ouma when he declared that he won’t even last 10 rounds of their bout before he reminded him of his romantic love life with singer Juliana Kanyomozi.

Moses Golola went ahead to mock Ouma saying the only memories he has with Juliana Kanyomozi is that the public got to know that she was in an affair with him.

Kassim Ouma On His Failed Relationship With Juliana | I Have Nothing  Against Her

Golola later told Ouma how he is ready to put him in his place until he forgets that he once had an affair with Juliana Kanyomozi.

“You know Juliana Kanyomozi gave birth to a baby boy but only a handful of individuals got the chance to see him. You know, when I went to Fort Portal, I was christened Arali. After a deep chat with her, I saw her child’s nose resembling mine.

The only moment Kassim Ouma has with Juliana is when the public got to know that he once dated the Princess. My relationship with Juliana goes far beyond Ouma’s. I am here to let Ouma know that Juliana’s son resembles me so much since he didn’t use his time with her in a meaningful way.” Golola Moses.

Ouma, however, responded to Golola’s comments in a calm way by saying that the latter had to bring in the Juliana Kanyomozi conversation because she is a pretty woman and one of the best female artists Uganda has ever had.

He added that he last met Juliana about 11 years ago.

“Golola’s bringing up Juliana’s conversation pretty much means the singer is beautiful and no one can deny that. But I last met with Juliana 11 years back. Juliana, I want to see the baby anytime you feel free. She is my friend. “Kassim Ouma


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