Uganda’s Black Beauty Slay Queen Bettinah Tianah Blasts Chameleone’s Ex-Wife Daniella Atim For Praising Social Media Trolls Laughing And Insulting Her Dark Black Skin Nyash.

Daniella Atim got on Bettinah Tianah’s nerves on Thursday evening. Earlier, Tianah, real name Betty Nassali, posted on Instagram: “I really wanna go Europe for shopping so bad.”

A commenter named Luwangula Mukaabya responded to the post, mocking her: “My friend, those countries are segregative. You see they even segregated a woman that got married to a queen’s son… how about you with a dark butt? I suggest you go to Owino [Market]… that way, you will find peace.”

Bettinah Tianah and Daniella Atim

Atim took a screenshot and shared it on her Instagram, captioning it: “I swear it’s a full time [sic] job being a Ugandan [laughing emojis] Not for the faint hearted [sic].”

Atim’s move didn’t sit well with Tianah who wrote on Instagram: “Dear [Daniella Atim] the respect I had for you just got flashed down the drain[.] Nothing is funny here at all[.] I expected you to condemn such behaviour, the fact that it humors you to the extant [sic] of posting for your followers to laugh baffles me. Being black ain’t a crime.”

Another said: “Truth be told, i too was shocked when i read her caption to it!! She is someone I expected to condemn such nonsense comments!! I don’t think of her the same way i did before her posting that!!”

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Added another: “Just know she became a blogger with full of nonsense 🤣🤣”

One of the commenters reminded Tianah about internet rules: “Trolling is here to stay, just have to develop a thick skin, it is what it is.”

Daniella Atim of recent has appeared to take the moral high ground as she called out her husband and in-laws for exhibiting uncouth behaviour. So, her behaviour on the internet today, as interpreted by some netizens, seems off. She is yet to respond to Tianah’s post.

It’s important to note that Tianah has been in London recently.


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