“I Never Wanted To Get Married To A Ugandan Man, Because They Are Mean And Have Bad Manners!” Half-Naked Model Doreen Kabareebe Claims.

Renowned Ugandan model, socialite and philanthropist Doreen Kabareebe recently exchanged wedding vows with her American fiance in the US, leaving Uganda’s showbiz in a frenzy. We got an exclusive interview from her, to tell us about her path to the now famous marriage.

“My name is Doreen Kabareebe. I run an online branding coach business called DK Branding Coach. I am the CEO of Kabareebe Models for Charity and I recently won the Miss World International Woman Title in Miami, Florida; in August 2023,” she says.

“I always wanted to get married to a good man; and of course not a Ugandan. Not in a bad way but maybe because I have grown up seeing several single mothers and for one reason I always believed Ugandan men are not serious; the good ones were already married. The available ones that I knew were not virtuous at all!” She reveals, in a rather humorous tone.

The model then told the tale of how she met her Prince Charming, “I left Uganda to work in Dubai in 2014 after attaining my Masters Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. I wanted to go in a whole new environment. When I settled at work with Marriott International, I decided to get back into the modeling career. That is when a friend introduced me to Corey Harris, now my husband. He did part-time photography and he offered me free shoots from now and then and he also connected me to the first modeling gig I had in Abu Dhabi. We became and have been friends for over eight years now. We always caught up whenever I went to Dubai; even after I resigned from my job. We decided to start dating last year.

“When I got a US visa to represent Uganda at the Miss World International Pageant in Miami, I talked to him and since we already had plans of starting a family, he decided to return home in America from Dubai. That is how I managed to stay here because he picked me up and introduced me to his loving family after the pageant.”

She fell in love with him for many reasons,

“What I first found attractive about Corey was his character, and of course his looks too. He is so attractive and I always admired to have a man with a great masculine physique, bright eyes that can see tomorrow and a good height. He has a very good heart; he is so warm and kind. Above all he is God-fearing and understanding. I love everything about him.

“When we started dating, we knew it was leading us to marriage. He proposed last month and here we are. When you truly love someone, you don’t wait long. What would you be waiting for?”

The couple had a simple wedding,

“It was a beautiful civil wedding where we exchanged vows in the presence of a few family members on January 26th 2023; a date to remember! The event took place at Prince George’s County, Maryland. I was excited, I lost my voice. Everything went on well, even though I ended up saying ‘for richer or richer’ during the vows because I do not believe in poverty. I had everyone laughing at that. Haha! And oh yeah, for richer or richer, I am a blessed wife and my husband is blessed too. We will never go broke in Jesus’ name. Amen!

“ I always wanted something simple and am glad we made it happen. There was nothing much to plan. Mother-in-law had my dress ironed and everything in order; thankfully. What was unique about my marriage was simplicity. Just simple makeup for me and that’s it. My hubby looked so good in white.

Doreen and Corey had less than ten people at the wedding.

“ We only took phone images and that was it. We did not find any challenges in organizing, since it was a simple court marriage. Simplicity is what made our wedding unique.”

Given that the couple did not hire a professional photographer, there were just a few images circulating on social media from the wedding, and the groom’s outfit caught many an eye,

“For my man, it was an African outfit, and I chose a simple white gown for myself. My husband’s outfit was designed from Uganda by a designer in Entebbe called Frank. I believe it was the moment that was important; no time and resources to waste. It is the moment that we treasure.”

For someone who has been in showbiz for so long, you cannot help but wonder how she will navigate marriage life,

“So far I have no challenges in the realm of marriage. I got married to my best friend; a man I have known for some time, so we will definitely go through everything together. Nothing changes about me; just some modeling images I cannot take anymore. Despite the fact that my man is a photographer, I am a married woman now. Only my husband is supposed to see my body.”

She advises those planning weddings not to cave to external influence,

“It should be according to what one wants. For some people a wedding is the time to show off, but I have been in showbiz from the age of 18, so I have nothing to prove, and that’s why we chose to go in for a civil marriage. People should do what makes them happy. Life is short.”



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