Proud Father Kabako Praises His Daughters For Breaking Their Clan’s Zero First Grade Curse, After They Got 9 And 13 Aggregates In Their PLE Exams.

It has been jubilation for winners and tears for the disappointed, as Uganda’s National Examinations Board released results of the previously concluded Primary Leaving Examinations. Among the cheerful is TNS singer Kabako.

In a video since shared on his social media, Kabako parades both his daughters who also just recently finished their primary school studies.

Kabako Shows Off His Mansion Nearing Completion - Exclusive Bizz

In the video, Kabako shows off his candidates, before he admitting that he got 13 points in his Primary Leaving Examinations.

He then pans his camera to his daughter, whom he hails for performing an aggregate better than him, as she attained 12 aggregates.

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He then hailed his other daughter, (names yet to be identified), for getting 9 aggregates.

Collectively, he was full praise for both daughters, outdoing him and making the family proud.

He further added that he got 13 aggregates result that ended him up in the second grade category.

As a parent, he spoke blessings and good things into the lives of their children.

His first child said that she wished to go to Gombe SS while the other desired to go to Trinity Secondary schools.

In conclusion, Kabako summoned the current students in Gombe SS and Trinity Secondar School to beware that his daughters would be arriving soon.


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