Buchaman And His Ghetto Goons Smoke And Puff Expired Weed Live On Stage Without Any Shame.

Former Firebase crew vice president cum senior presidential advisor Mark Bugembe a.k.a Buchaman and some of his crew members left pleasure seekers in awe when they puffed weed live on stage.

The incident took place at a show that had attracted several revelers to have fun as they enjoyed performances from different artists over the weekend.

Buchaman and his crew caught our attention they took to the stage and started performing while puffing weed live on stage.

Their act of smoking weed live on the stage got underway when one of his crew members started performing his song titled “Busaabala”.

Immediately he started singing his song, Buchaman asked him to pause and ordered that he restarts the song after lighting his stick.

There and then, he pulled out his stick from his pockets plus the rest of his crew members and they lit their weed as they grooved and performed Mr. Wind’s “Juba” song.

Their act has further raised more questions for all those planning and fighting the use of toxic substances in the music business to devise better and proper ways of stopping the use of drugs in the music industry.

Watch the video as Buchaman and the crew puffed weed live on stage.

Buchaman and crew puff weed live on stage


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