Apologetic Queen Kaftah Found Guilty Of Torturing Pretty Nicole, Sentenced To Three Year In Prison.

Queen Kaftah the girl that appeared in a viral video clip battering a colleague Pretty Nicole has been found guilty of all the charges and sentenced to three years behind bars.

Around 09th January 2023, Kaftah Queen appeared in a viral video in conjunction with her colleagues battering Pretty Nicole over a man.

By 10th January 2023, Queen Kaftah had already been arrested, and on Tuesday 17th January 2023 was arraigned before Kira Magistrate’s Court in Kampala and charged with aggregated torture and inflicting bodily harm on her 15-year-old friend Pretty Nicole.

During her second court hearing earlier today, Queen Kaftah was found guilty of the accusations which violate section 2 (1) (b) and 5 (a) (h) (j) (k) of the Prevention of Prohibition of Torture Act 2012.

She was sentenced to 3 years in prison, on the grounds that she has been compliant and she pleaded guilty to committing the case hence being given a lighter sentence.

The court chose to grant Kaftah a reduced term because she has just turned 18 and is apologetic for her acts, according to her attorney Precious Nahabwe of Elgon Advocates.


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