Frustrated Sheilah Gashumba Warns Netizens Against People Who Photoshop Her Bikini Photos To Portray Them As Nudes.

Socialite and media figure Sheilah Gashumba has come out and cautioned netizens against people who photo engineer her photos to portray them as nudes.

Sheilah Gashumba recently discovered a rising online vice among users who edit her images and post them on numerous social media platforms as naked photos.

The development left the NBS After5 presenter with a sour taste in her mouth, before taking to Twitter to distance herself from the engineered photos making rounds on social media.

Sheilah revealed that the person behind this evil act is an idle individual whose aim is to chase clout.

So one idle person is getting our photos on Instagram and photoshopping them to make them look like nude photos All for clout!! Wonders shall never end in this country


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