“I Will Slap Your Fake Bums And Send Back To The Village!!” Nasty Leaked Audio Of Spice Diana Threatening Rita Dancehall Shocks Ugandans.

On Monday Ritah Dancehall and Spice Diana publicly declared that they had forgiven each other but this came on the back of an ugly back and forth.

An audio of a conversation between Diana and one Liz, who appears to be a mutual friend between Dancehall and Diana has leaked to the public.

Rita Dancehall leaves prison after forcefully apologizing to Spice Diana  and manager Roger. - YouTube

In the audio, Diana is heard threatening to beat Dancehall. Diana’s manager, Roger Lubega, had also threatened to do the same.

In the audio, Diana says: “If she thinks I’m the old version of Spice Diana, not anymore… by keeping quiet, she maybe thinks I’m stupid. Everyone can ‘step on’ her… I will beat that [curse word]. Tell her… I will beat her… If I can’t do it myself, I will tell my bouncers to do it… you be careful with that b*tch.”

She continues: “I won’t forgive her, I’m sorry to say… I can’t… tell her for me that she should always keep a distance because I won’t let it go like that… tell her to never come near me. Even yesterday [the audio was probably recorded a day after Diana’s concert], I almost slapped her… tell her not to pass in front of me… those ga-bums she is always swinging … I will slap her. You see I’m small. Tell her I get annoyed and when I’m angry, I’m really angry… I will make her life miserable. I will abuse and humiliate her… if you don’t feel me, go and work for the person you like…”

Dancehall said: “My name is Ritah Nasazzi, also known professionally as Ritah Dancehall. I send my apology to Source Management, which is headed by Manager Roger under which Spice Diana sings. That whatever I said about her was ‘dead’. We have decided to forgive each other and we no longer have a case against each other. I’ve no problem with her, and she has no problem with me.”

Diana said: “I’ve no problem with her, and I have forgiven her because even her father is also a parent, and when I arrived here, he explained to me his issues, and I told him I have never had a problem with this girl, and I’m not planning to arrest her because I want anything from her… but she has to pay for the case, but I don’t wish to see her go to prison… When I heard that I had been reported to the police for threatening to kill a person… Like someone who is a celebrity, I rushed to the police and reported myself and also told the police what she had said.”

Dancehall spent the weekend in a holding cell.


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